Kikki, A Girl Looking for Natural Enhancing Contacts

Vibrant and high opacity cosmetic contacts can transform your eye color completely, while enhancing contact lenses add sparks to the eyes subtly.

The color changers are usually less natural-looking compared with the enhancers. However, the wearing effect may also be subject to the lens vibrancy. If you have dark or brown eyes, the light blue enhancers may not fuse with your eye color graciously. So the contacts won't look imperceptible even if they are low in opacity.

We received an order placed by Kikki from Brazil in April. She purchased three pairs of low opacity blue contacts. She mentioned that her previous lens vendor didn't deliver to Brazil. We do ship to Brazil. But due to the coronavirus and the complicated custom clearance in Brazil, it took about one month for the package to arrive.

Kikki's First Order

Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

After receiving her order, Kikki found that the summer sky and ocean rhythm contacts were not the color she expected. These lenses were low opacity, but they were too bright for her eyes. She also sent us some photos of herself with these contact lenses she ordered from us.

Hello there,
I’m originally from Australia and I’m residing in Brazil at the moment. I was a customer of another brand but because they don’t ship to Brazil I found your company and decided to give it a go.
The items arrived today in very nice packaging. The MOON RIDDLE one was a pleasant surprise as I was looking for something natural just a sparkle. This one hit the park it’s perfect. I will be most likely repurchasing it. However the other two were a bit disappointing. I like their feel and quality but they changed my eye colour way too much. Specially the SUMMER SKY which was the reason why I placed the order to begin with as it states it has low opacity so I wasn’t expecting it to cause much of a change yet it gave me bright blue eyes.
I think that perhaps the gray colour would have been a better option for me. I am hoping I can place a new order soon for the GRACEFUL GRAY and the WINTER FIELD one. I am just wondering whether you have any discount codes at the moment or whether you can email me once you do.
Kind regards

Kikki with Tintiris

Kikki has beautiful brownish hazel eyes. She liked the moon riddle contacts. But she thought some grayish enhancing contacts could fit her better.

We always provide a free pair of colored contacts to our customers if they are not satisfied with their first purchase. But we sent Kikki more gray contacts to thank her for giving us detailed feedback about our products.

Tintiris is always doing our best to improve our products and make happy customers.    

Try-On Policy 

If our customers don't like the first pair of colored contacts purchased from us, we will send you a new pair without requiring for return.

Great service super comfortable lenses

I ordered three pairs of lenses from them. I think the price was very fair they always offer discounts and promos that you can benefit from. Customer service was hands down the best part of the experience. Every time we shop online we get a bit antsy but customer service here is so polite, I spoke to Vivi and she gave me a tracking link to my country so I knew when to expect my parcel. The lenses come in a very nice package with a case and everything. The lenses are super comfortable I forgot I had them on! They have so many options I’m sure you will find something that suits you . I went with MOON RIDDLE for the most subtle natural looking effect. I have natural green hazel eyes and this one looked the most natural turning them into a grayish coloured eyes. I also got SUMMER SKY which although low in opacity did change my eye colour a lot: it became a very light blue although still looking natural. Finally the OCEAN RHYTHM probably the least natural but still passes as natural depending how close you are to the person but it’s sooo pretty . It also made my eyes super blue (like a light tone similar to the summer sky) and it also has some interesting patterns throughout which I think adds dimension . Overall a very pleasant experience I have tried SO MANY brands before and this was by far the best experience and pair of lenses I have tried.

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