If you don't like your first pair of colored contacts purchased from us, we either send you a free replacement or issue you a full refund of the contacts in question, at your discretion. No return required.

If you bought more than one pair from us we recommend unpacking and wearing just one pair to make sure they are right for you. That way, if you don't love that pair the remainder in your order will still be eligible for a standard return or exchange.

We are able to reship / refund the remainder of your order without it being returned when:

  • the internal package is damaged during transit;
  • the products themselves are defective;
  • incorrect quantity or style is delivered;
  • you are reasonably unsatisfied with any part of the shopping experience with Tintiris, including shipping, customer support and the products themselves.

Please note you'll have to claim the Try On Guarantee or request reshipment / refund of your order within 30 days upon receipt. Simply drop us a line on Messenger or email info@tintiris.com.

Tintiris remains committed to providing the most enjoyable shipping experience to our customers, if you are unsatisfied or have suggestions for improvement, be sure to let us know.